The tartans shown below are the Connolly Dress Tartan®. and the Connolly Hunting Tartan®.  They are two tartans exclusive to Clan Connolly

Tartans, in the modern sense, are not Irish.  They are Scottish.  But even in Scotland the use of the tartan design to designate a particular clan, or other social relationship, is relatively modern contrary to the common perception.

In practical usage, however, the tartan has become a symbol of the Celts, throughout Celtica and around the world.  Clearly, the Connolly needed to be included in this practice, if not tradition.

Thus, Professor Joseph F. Connolly, II, manager of Clan Connolly LLC, engaged the services of one of the premier companies  in Scotland to design an appropriate dress and hunting tartan for Clan Connolly.  This having been accomplished, on 14 April 2005 The Scottish Tartans World Register issued a Certificate of Registration for “Connolly dress”.  A second Certificate of Registration was issued for “Connolly hunting”.  The colors of Connolly Hunting are such that a third registration – for Connolly Ancient” – was deemed unnecessary by the authorities in Scotland, as the Connolly Hunting Tartan® serves as both the hunting design and the ancient design.

Both tartan designs have been copyrighted under international law.  A Certificate, under seal, has been issued by the Register of Copyrights, United States of America, to that effect.  Manufacture or use of either of these tartans, without the express authority of the holder of this copyright, is a criminal offense.  It is the intention of the copyright holder to defend the exclusive right to the use of these tartans.

Clan Connolly LLC plans to establish a worldwide registry of members of Clan Connolly.  As a benefit of such registration, the registrant will be authorized to use either of these tartans, for personal use. 

The Connolly tartans were the first step in re-establishing the proper place of the Connolly within the history and social fabric of the Irish.  Something made much more difficult given the displacement of our tribe from our own holdings red & black by foreign invasion, and the subsequent diaspora of our tribe to the four corners of the earth.



Clan Connolly Dress Tartan


Clan Connolly Hunting Tartan


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